Workstations – Panel Based

  • New
  • Previously Enjoyed
  • Re-furbished
  • Monolithic
  • Segmented
  • Acoustical

Promoting a different way of working, facilitating the confluence of ideas, boosting productivity and team effectiveness.

  • Making the Right Choice- could be difficultWe make it easy by offering: Monolithic,Segmented, Leading Edge Manufacturers, Clones, Previously Enjoyed Refurbished
  • Our prime objective is YOU getting the solution that best suits your requirements.
  • BEST VALUE FOR YOUR INVESTMENTBudget, Asthetics, Acoustics, Fast Delivery, Wire Management
  • Just priortize your criteria and we will deliver the SOLUTION that achieves your objectives!
  • Furniture SOLUTIONS  that facilitate the optimum effectiveness of your teams productivity.

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